Tokaj tasting in Madrid

7 November, La Casa del Abuelo

The embassies are meant to represent a country with all its politics and culture, and we believe that wine is an inevitable a part of our culture. Thanks God the diplomats at the Hungarian Embassy in Spain share this point of you, and a delicious example of their mission will be manifested on 7th November, in Madrid, organised by the Embassy of Hungary. Vinos Emblematicos de Tokaj (Emblematic Wines of Tokaj) will be held in the form of a contucted wine tasting with each wine paired with a matching piece of food, a so called „tapa”. The wine list will brilliantly showcase the different styles of the noble region, Tokaj. Apart from the „king of wines”, our precious Tokaji Aszú, the lighter Szamorodni and the late harvest category is also represented along with the new dry white wines of Tokaj. The event is held in one of Madrid’soldest restaurant called La Casa del Abuelo.


The wine list

2015 Percze Furmint Szent Tamás (dry)
2016 Mád késői szüret Szent Tamás (late harvest)
2011 Késői Furmint Árvay (late harvest)
2008 Tokaji Zéta Szamorodni Holdvölgy (’Szamorodni)
2013 Aszú Szent Tamás (Tokaji Aszú)
2008 Aszú Hétszőlő (Tokaji Aszú)

Where, when and for how much

Date and time:7 November, 19.00
La Casa del Abuelo: Calle Goya 57., Madrid, Spain
Price: 25 euros / person 

Tel.: +34-673-844-213

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