Tokaj tasting in Paris

Tokaj tasting in Paris

Though Sauternes is the most important competitor of Tokaj sweet wines, many French wine people know and like Tokaji Aszú. Hopefully the tasting on 28 November will attract many visitors at Institute Hongrois, Paris. The event is hosted by Vinumregnum in cooperation with a distributor of Hungarian wine and food called La Hongrie Gourmande. The company offers wines from Béres Vineyard and Winery and Grand Tokaj, therefore wines from these two outstanding wineries will surely be included in the tasting. The cost of the tasting is a symbolic 15 euros only, which is far from the usual price of a tasting of this kind in Paris. Besides tasting the wines, participants will get an insight of the cultural and historical relations of Tokaj wines as well. The flight includes dry Furmint and Hárslevelű, dry and sweet Szamorodni, a Late harvest wine and of course a Tokaji Aszú. Though the wine list is not finalized yet, the following wines are likely to be included.

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Grand Tokaj Szamorodni – caramel creaminess, citrus freshness

Grand Tokaj chief winemaker is Károly Áts, a legendary winemaker with amazing acknowledgements. Under his leadership the only state owned winery of Hungary has won several prestigious medals. Szamorodni is a traditional Tokaj style with healthy and botrytised berries harvested together. Grand Tokaj Szamorodni is fermented in stainless steel and then matured in Zemplén (local) oak barrel for one year. „Elegant, noble botrytis notes on the nose resulting from barrel ageing with vanilla and citrus tones. Caramel creaminess, citrus freshness, refreshing, featherlight fruitiness on the palate. Vibrant, playful balance of acidity, sugar and alcohol. Great length with intensity in the finish.”

Béres Tokaji Aszú – every drop is worth gold

Béres Vineyard and Winery is owned by the company famous for Béres Drops, a world famous medication to help the immune system. Tokaji wine is also well known for its beneficial characteristics. Full of minerals – the most delicious medication! Béres Tokaji Aszú 5 puttonyos comes from Lőcse and Omlás vineyards. Controlled fermentation in oak barrel then maturation for 24 months in ‘gönci’ and ‘szerednyei’ oak barrels (traditional Tokaj barrels). The wine was bottle aged for 36 months before being released. Vibrant acidity perfectly balancing the sugar, aromas of date, candied citrus fruits, autumn leaves and spices.


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