TokajMagic: Sparkling Revolution

There is a young winewriter in Hungary, who used to taste around a thousand wine a year, had a blog, worked at different wine related places, but then at a certain point he, Gergely Ripka admitted that he was biased. Biased towards one wine region: Tokaj. „It quickly turned out to be obvious that this world has one particular wineregion in which you do not have to search for greatness, because you can notice it at once, if your heart is open enough for it. I believe Tokaj is the topic I’d like to deal with till the end of my life.” So he does and has been organizing special Tokaj tastings since then. The next one is a sparkling tasting in lovely Villa Bagatelle (in the picture) in Budapest on 8 March. The wine list contists 7 bottle fermented sparkling wines, all from Tokaj wine region. There is a rosé in the line. A rosé from Tokaj? Well, yes, more and more wineries grow Pinot Noir. Sauska Rosé Extra Brut is made of 63% Furmint, 23% Chardonnay, 9% Hárslevelű and 5% Pinot Noir. „Expressive aromas of cherry, plum, and cloves. Medium-bodied, pale, lengthy and clean, with lovely minerality and a long, elegant finish.”If you want to taste it along with Patricius, Demeter Zoltán, Henye, Királyudvar, Tokaj Nobilis, Kikelet sparkling wines, register for the tasting!

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