Top 5 Kékfrankos for summer nights

Gold medals from X. International Kékfranos Contest

The city of Szekszárd hosts a biannual conference focusing on Kékfrankos grape variety, and the conference is also the event when the biannual international Kékfrankos contest results are announced. This jubilee contest is an extra occassion: 2018 is the official Year of Kékfrankos grape. Kékfrankos is the most widely planted black grape of the Carpathian basin, thus this contest is a significant evaluation in Central Europe. Kékfrankos wines can be submitted in every syle (red, rosé, siller) and also Kékfrankos based blends are accepted (with 50% or more Kékfrankos in the blend). This year 201 wines were entered, 37 gold medals, 129 silver medals and 28 bronze medals were given. The award ceremony took place on 6 June, and here we present 5 stunning gold winner wines.

Sopron is the most important wine region regarding Kékfrankos (you can read the legend of Kékfrankos here). Fresh and lively wine, which represents the colour blue on the nose as well (‘Kék’ in Kékfrankos means blue): plum, blueberry and blue flowers with charming, playful spicy notes. Spices dominate the zesty palate supplemented by ripened fruits like cherry and plum.


Etyeki Kúria – based in Etyek–Buda wine region – places more and more emphasis on their vineyards in Sopron wine region, therefore they have launched their Sopron brand with single varietal wines. Intense sour cherry, blackberry and plum on the nose, while the palate is characterized by juicy fruitiness and firm acidity. Medium body and great length.

Eger is the most famous for its red blend called Egri Bikavér (aka Bulls’ Blood), and most Bikavér wines have a Kékfrankos base. Deep coloured extremely rich, multi layered Bikavér style. Nice, well riped fruit resulted intense violet and plum aromas on the nose combined with spicy sour and sweet cherry notes. Serious structured rounded wine with long finish and great potential.

This wine marks a milestone of the winery: this is the first vintage which was made after the arrival of the new general manager, László Romsics. The wine gained a Berliner Trophy gold medal as well. Fully ripened red fruits, mainly cherry and sour cherry. A touch of oakiness. Rich fruitiness on the palate with zesty acidity. Soft, integrated tannins. Complex, exciting wine, yet easy to drink.

This wine is made by the previous winery, Csányi, and an extra merit is that this wine is probably the lowest priced one among the gold winners: it has a retail price of only 5 euros. Ripened sour cherry and blueberry on the nose, fruity palate with rounded texture with a lovely, long finish.


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