Tornai winery

Tornai winery

The Vineyard

The Tornai Wine-Cellar is one of the biggest wine yards, including 60 hectares, mostly on the southern, eastern and western part of the mountain. We often sell our wines selected by the fields they were growing on: Aranyhegy, Apátsági, Grófi, Ilona, Százforduló, Szent Márton. Our grape varieties consist of the traditional Hungarian grapes (Juhfark, Hárslevelű, Olasz rizing); but extent wine yards can be found of the following varieties too:  Szürkebarát, Tramini, Irsai Olivér, Zenit, Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Blanc.

The Wine-Cellar

The wine-cellar located at the hill, is the centre of up-to-date manufactory and wine tourism at the same time. The processing, fermenting and maturing area meet the requirements of the newest technology, and dispose IFS certification. After the considerate processing, our reduced wines are made using a controlled fermentation in stainless steel tanks, while the selected grapes are ripened in wooden barrels of 500litres, in the cellar of the building under equalized climate conditions. Every year we make 250-300thousand litres of bottled wine, mainly sold on the Hungarian market although there’s an increasing interest from the export markets too.

Wine tourism

The Tornai Wine Cellar is the centre of tourism on the Somló Mountain. The wine shop and wine museum is open every day, at the wine cellar an event room (120pax), kitchen, guest house can be found. Other services to fulfil all guests’ needs:
-bike renting
-summer terrace
-baggage room
-accessible design in every facility

The wine restaurant

Our wines are found not only on our wine-list but in the meals. In the restaurant the local and authentic flavours are combined with high quality wines. The chef carefully elaborates the reasonable priced menu according to the current season, taking into consideration the modern Hungarian kitchen’s features.


Fresh wines

Lively, youthful, fruity wines. To preserve the original smell and flavour of the grapes, a careful reducing technology has been used. Due to the unique features of the soil, wines preserve their freshness up to 2-4 years. Apart from the traditional Hungarian grapes (Juhfark, Furmint, Olasz rizling); Zenit, Tramini, Irsai Olivér and Birtokbor belong to fresh wines. 10-40thousands of bottles are made according to the vintage and the variety.

Premium wines

Masculine, quite mineral, full-bodied, partly aged in oak barrels, all of them are great examples of the renewed traditions in the area. These wines are firstly made for restaurants, wine lists of hotels and quality exports.  Only the traditional and local wines- Juhfark, Furmint, Hárslevelű, Szürkebarát- belong to this group of wines. 5-10thousands of bottles are made according to the vintage and variety.

Top Selection wines

Top Selection grapes are harvested on the Historical hills (Grófi, Apátsági, Aranyhegy, Ilona); exceptional quality grapes from unique vintages are used to prepare this group of wines. The maturation process takes place in 500 litres oak barrels from Zemplén. Top Selection Wines are: Juhfark, Furmint, Hárslevelű, Olaszrizling, Tramini, Szürkebarát. Due to the restrictive laws, careful and considerate producing technologies, these wines become full-bodied, delicate flavoured and capable to mature for a long time. Only 1500-3000 bottles are prepared of each variety.

Törkölypálinka/ Grape marc spirit

Our Törkölypálinka is made of Juhfark, Zenit, Furmint, and Irsai Olivér grapes from the best quality yards. The marc is refermented and matured without oxygen, then rested for 2 months on a temperature of 100C. The smell and the flavour remind of the majestic Somló grapes.

Late harvest and Ice-wine

Our sweet wines are exclusively made in outstanding vintages. These wines are original wines of Somló, with quite mineral characteristics and a great balance between sweetness and acidity. The type of the grape depends on the vintage, but the wines are usually made of Zeusz, Hárslevelű and Furmint.

The Guesthouse

..far away from the noises of the city, where you are woken up by chatter of birds..

The SÉD PINCE Guesthouse was created through the restoration of the wine-press house and the cellar, built in the 19th century. The renewed building was nominated “The architectural value under local protection” and nowadays only offers hospitality services. The guesthouse reminds the atmosphere of the ancient times, beside the modernity; kept the original architectural features.

We can find it on the Séd-slope, on the west side of the mountain, not too far from the fount of Séd. It’s a quiet and peaceful area where relaxing has the main role.



ZENIT 2018

 Intense nose, citrus, asparagus and tropical fruits appear. In its flavor, the fruitiness dominates, behind the green apple and the citrus character, with good acidity and long aftertaste.



Lime-honey-like aromas in the nose mixed with mineral notes, rilled peppers are also displayed in the back. Extremely rich, with the typical dried fruit character of ripe – overripe grapes. In addition to the fruitiness, the oakyness also appear in harmony with the rounded acidity that support the sip. Mineral, stony, exciting finish with great ripening potential. 



 Dried fruits are dominating the nose, mixed with sophisticated oaky aromas. It has a complex flavor, a serious wine, dried apricot, vanilla and salty-stony minerality. It will be more and more exciting after maturing for years. The grapes are carefully selected, from the Aranyhegy vineyard on low yield. After a short maceration, and gentle pressing we fermented in oak barrels. During the 6 months of barrel ageing, the flavors were powered with continuous lees stirring. A real Somló wine with enormous complexity and ageing potential.



 Dried fruits, dried peaches, overriped aromas in the nose. The flavors are almost bursting in the mouth, the dried fruits are dominating, but there are stony-salty notes as well, with creaminess, oak barrel, delicate bitter almonds and a very long and rich aftertaste. Grófi vineyard gives us from year to year exciting grapes, we try to mature the wine in the