Heumann Trinitás Villány

Trinitás, the price-value champion Cabernet Franc

Heumann Trinitás 2016 has received several great reviews and medals, the latest acknowledgement came from Swiss / German print magazine called Vinum. The panel tasting of the latest issue was about Cabernet Franc wines from around the world except for France (“Cabernet Franc Weltweit”). Heumann Trinitás Cabernet Franc 2016 got the second highest score at this panel tasting and it costs only 32 Swiss franks, while the winner of the panel tasting, Lodovico Tenuta di Biserno 2016 costs 375 Swiss franks…

“Noble aromas on the nose with forest fruits, blueberries, plums and licorice. Earthy character with a touch of rosemary. Forest undergrowth and leather. Complex, outstanding and beguiling wine with power and length.”

Cover photo by Ab Ovo wine store.

The other bottle in the cover photo is Heumann Terra Tartaro.

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La Trinitá 2017 at Franc & Franc

If you want to taste the latest vintage of Trinitás (La Trinitá 2017) of the price-value champion, Franc & Franc event is the best occasion. On the 19th participants can enjoy masterclasses by Demetri Walters MW and Peter Mc Combie MW among others, while on the 20th guests can taste Cabernet Franc wines in 5 different locations.

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Heumann wines are imported to several countries.

You can also order Heumann wines from Winelovers Webshop. They ship to every European country.

Heumann La Trinitá Villányi Franc 2017

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