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Thanks God home delivery is still working in most countries – though social media is full of stories about couriers (leaving boxes on the doorstep for hours, escaping without signatures etc). Meanwhile wine professionals warn us not to start drinking too early, consume wine moderately. So it is time to have some luxury treat, indulge yourself in the heavenly drops of sweet Tokaj, and taste it with its evergreen partner: foie gras. In case of purchase two bottles of Juliet Victor Sweet Szamorodni, a unique gift will be shipped along with the bottles. Hungarian Heritage Goose Liver is made of flawless fattened goose liver. Serve it with a little honey, add a small slice of blue cheese, then taste it with the Szamorodni. Don’t be surprised – there will be an explosion of flavours in your mouth. Juliet Victor is not only famous for its luscious sweet wines, but dry Furmint wines as well. (Read our earlier article with Tamlyn Currin‘s evaluation, when she selected JV Furmint as best newcomer.) If you order JV Estate Furmint and Betsek Furmint (Betsek is one of the best ‘crus’ in Tokaj), you will get a bottle of Hungarian Heritage Grapeseed oil with Truffle. If you have not much left, but plenty of time, then it is time for experimenting.

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