US wine merchant comparing Sauternes vs Tokaj

Vinfolio is a wine merchant with great expertise and long history in the wine trade, their team includes a Master of Wine and many experts with immense knowledge. A recent article of their blog highlights the similarities and differences between Tokaj and Sauternes, the two most prestigious sweet wine regions of the world especially for collectors: which is better to invest? The author points to the main difference: „…the most noticeable flavor difference when comparing Sauternes vs. Tokaji is the amount of acidity in the wine. Even though Tokaji is often much sweeter and contains more residual sugar than Sauternes, it’s also more acidic. The acid balances out the sugar, and as a result, Tokaji tastes refreshing and usually quite fruity.”The conclusion is that both wines are great and the question is what the collector prefers: …Sauternes and any style of Tokaji are great options because they age for decades. Sauternes changes more than Tokaji as it ages and takes on great complexity and a distinctive nutty flavor, while Tokaji starts out complex and will stay fresh-tasting even with age. In the end, the wine you choose depends on what you’re hoping to accomplish with your collection as well as what you like to drink.”Vinofolio also recommends some Tokaj wineries, for example Chateau Dereszla. At the moment they have only one single bottle of Dereszla to sell, but hopefully they will stock more. Dereszla Tokaji Aszú 5 puttonyos 2009 is really worth investing infor only 30 euros ex cellar: „Golden colour. Surprisingly smooth, velvety. Peach and orange on the palate. Refined acidity structure and perfect balance.”

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