Volcanic wine tasting with 15 wineries

Date: 13 April, 2017 (18.00–22.00)
Location: Pastrami Restaurant, Budapest (1036 Budapest, Lajos u. 93–99.)
Type of event: informal, consumer wine tasting

volcanic-wine-tasting-LST230344Hungary can boast with several wine regions with volcanic soil: Tokaj, Somló, Badacsony are probably the most famous. As we have reported recently, the renowned Canadian wine writer of Hungarian origin, John Szabó dedicated a whole book to wines around the world made of grape grown on volcanic soil. The topic is still ’hot’, thus a wine event organiser company called Winelover – not linked with the international Winelover community – will hold a tasting in the Hungarian capital with wineries from the above mentioned Hungarian wine regions.

Tornai Winery from Somló has received significant awards in the past period, do not miss this winery of the well deserved gold medals! Szászi Winery from Szent György mountain (Badacsony wine region) also deserves your attention with his organic wines. Gilvesy also from Szent György has remarkable Rhine Riesling while Gobri from the less known Mátra wine region is great at Zöldveltelini (Grüner Veltliner).

The exhibitors are:

  • Bárdos és Fia Pincészet (Mátra)
  • Barzca Pince (Somló)
  • Basilicus Szőlőbirtok (Tokaj)
  • Budaházy Pincészet (Tokaj)
  • Csernyik Pince (Mátra)
  • Gilvesy Pincészet (Badacsony)
  • Go Bri -Gobri (Mátra)
  • Harsányi Pincészet (Tokaj)
  • Sanzon Tokaj (Tokaj)
  • Szászi Pince (Badacsony)
  • Szeremley Birtok (Badacsony)
  • Tornai Pincészet (Somló)
  • Villa Tolnay (Badacsony

Tickets online: 22 euros



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