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A functioning, informative English language website is the minimum in our age. And if a website gives great experience when using it (aka “user friendly”), it is even better. But the extra, the non plus ultra is the personal touch: when the website developer manages to convey the personality of the wines and the people behind the wines through the website. In case of the new website of Zsirai Winery the job is more than well done.

“Ride” up the hills of Tokaj, “open” the bottle online

When I first saw the new website, I was enchanted by the little animated car riding on the map of Tokaj wine region and I said wow when I saw the Furmint bottle “opening” and phrasing visually the exciting, fruity nose and mineral palate of the single vineyard Középhegy Furmint. However, these fancy features would not make it a great website without the all the clear and easy-to-find pieces of information a visitor might need.

Check it out yourself!

If you like it, give a vote to the winery to win the Website of the Year – just click on “SZAVAZOK” on the right (meaning “I vote”). Voting period lasts until 20 November.



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