Vylyan Mandolás and chocolate soufflé

Who will win all these heavenly delicacies below? Vylyan Vineyard and Winery is located in Villány wine region, and Mandolás is a single vineyard Cabernet Franc, a top product of the estate.

The voting period of the 3rd Hungarian WebWineWriting has just begun! In Cabernet Franc category, the estate manager of Vylyan has also read the submitted articles, as a member of the jury – along with Felicity Carter, Tamlyn Currin and Ruma Singh. Mónika Debreczeni from Vylyan enjoyed the task and she was fascinated the quality of the finalist articles. So if you want to learn about Cabernet Franc, read the finalist articles by Julia Scavo (Romania / Monaco), Peder Lehmann Larsen (Denmark) and Philip Kampe (USA), and vote for your favourite writing. The winner can participate in the Hungarian study tour (15–18 August), plus she or he will win an unforgettable stay in Villány with several tastings and winery visits.

So who can taste the fabulous Mandolás?
It depends on the votes! Mandolás comes from Mandolas vineyards’ Cabernet Franc, presenting the most beautiful values of the terroir. The name ‘mandolas’ [in English: almond] refers to the almond trees grown there in the past.

“Almond tree grows where the noble grapes do. Its flowers symbolize spring, light and new-born life.”

Of course not only the winners, but all the other winelovers can taste this stunning wine, and the ideal place to do so is Vylyan Terrace, where the chef knows what to pair with the wines, and where the view enchants guests immediately.

Hungary is one of the safest countries regarding COVID-19, but before travelling, check reopen.europa.eu for the latest news.

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