What does Santa do in January? He drinks rosé!

There is a funny-but-serious rosé wine competition in Hungary. Funny, because it takes place on the nameday of Santa Claus (in Hungary every day is dedicated to a different Christian name), on 6 December, and funny, because all the invited experts in the jury are called Claus (Miklós in Hungarian). Can you imagine a tasting room full of men with the same name? Apart from these details the contest is a rigorous blind tasting, and every year it is the first display of new vintage rosé wines. The latest edition saw 316 rosé wines, of which 70 wines were awarded gold medal. One of the gold winners is Haraszthy Winery from Etyek–Buda wine region with their Pinot Noir Rosé. The wine is made with reductive technology, fermentation takes place under controlled temperature within a very short time to capture the fragile fruity flavours of the variety.„Besides the strawberry and raspberry notes, it is enhanced with a touch of cranberry while still keeping a vivid acidity.”
The full list of medals is available here.

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