„Wine Basin” – wines from „Large Hungary”

Carpathian Basin wines in Budapest on 27th October

„BorMedence” is literally wine pool, the listener would associate it with a swimming pool full of wine. In fact „medence” here refers to a larger territory, the Carpathian Basin. Carpathian Basin aka Pannonian Basin “lies in the southeastern part of Central Europe. It extends roughly between Vienna in the northwest, Bratislava in the northeast, Ostrava in the north, Zagreb in the southwest, Novi Sad in the south and Satu Mare in the east.” The geographical territory is mainly the same as Hungary looked like before the end of the I World War, when the Treaty of Trianon shaped the country radically and was cut much smaller. There was a strong movement to restore the borders and the country’s original size, but by now only far right activists claim changes, the borders are well set, and most of the countries in the basin belong to the European Union. However, the Hungarian speaking minority is still very important in all the neighboring countries, and BorMedence tasting aims to bring together the wineries of all these minorities: from Slovakia, Romania, Serbia, Ukraine.

A historic venue, 50 wineries

The location of the event is emblematic: it will take place on 27th October in the Hungarian National Museum. The museum displays the different stages of Hungarian history in a spectacular way, and the house gives home to the coronation mantle as well. The museum has several temporary exhibitions, at the time of the wine tasting the The Seuso Treasure is well worth a visit.

The wine tasting will be accompanied by cultural programmes, for example there will be folk /world music performers from guest region Beregszász (Ukraine) and Szent György mountain (Hungary, Badacsony). As for the wineries, you will find several amazing producers with stunning wines, for example Frigyes Bott from Felvidék (Slovakia), his super clean Rhine Rieslings are obligatory to taste. Géza Lenkey from Tokaj is an ambitious artisan winemaker while Nachbil comes from Romania with several wines to watch for. 

3 wineries you must visit

Gere Tamás and Zsolt, Villány

The winery is often confused with Gere Attila, and in fact there is a relationship between the families, but the wineries are two different cellars with different style. We warmly recommend their Villányi Franc, which proved to be a top hit at several tastings.

Dúzsi Family Winery, Szekszárd

Tamás Dúzsi, the owner is often quoted to be the Rosé King, and indeed he pays more attention to rosé wines than his peers, and he started to make quality rosés much before the others. He believes that making rosé is a fragile process, but with extra attention one can make extraordinary wines. No wood, only the pure nature of the grapes.

Koch Winery

Csaba Koch is a biologist, and he decided to keep their vines as happy as possible. His viticulture proves to be functioning, he has a fabulous collection of medals from national and international competitions. He is capable of gold winner flagship wines, but his entry level wines called Frisch also deserve attention!


Full list of exhibitors and more information

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