Wine Bottle with the winning design

Kreatív Group, Hungary’s leading news portal and print magazine of creative industry has organized its package contest, called PAKK for the 9th time. Wine was a category of special importance, and the winning bottle is from Etyeki Kúria. The Zweigelt label – and all the others of the winery – was designed by Wien based company called Alessandri – Design & Marken Manufaktur.

Traditional and modern at the same time

Though the label looks ultramodern at the first glance, in fact it represents the traditional Swabish cross stitch embroidery and its motifs. These motifs can be recognized in all of the labels of Etyeki Kúria. Simple and great, and it can be varied forever in endless mutations!

Zweigelt – stunning inside as well

The grape Zweigelt is usually considered to be a mediocre, everyday, light wine not to be kept for years – at least in Hungary. In Austria we can find amazing, long aged, complex Zweigelt wines, and Etyeki Kúria Zweigelt 2015 is closer to the neighbours in its style. Fresh, fruity, elegant, yet complex, refined and quite long.

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