Wine Ice Pops at the Water World Championship

A new product, the fruit ice pops made of wine was presented yesterday in Budapest, at DiVino wine bars. The refreshing sweet ice pops were created by Anjuna, an artisan ice cream maker, fairly famous in the country. The creators worked closely with the winemakers of the four wines used for the four flavours, and these latter ones stated which fruits they would love to pair with their wines, so it was the base of what Anjuna guys used to produce the final ice creams.

Ice pops and water sport

The 17th Fina World Championship taks place in Hungary these days: in fact from 14 July until 30 July in two cities, in Budapest and in Balatonfüred (Balatonfüred is the so called capital of Lake Balaton). „Two cities, five sport venues, six disciplines, around 2500 athletes.” Hungary is legendary in water sports, just think of the numerous gold medal winners at Olympic games in swimming and water polo.
If you happen to visit any of the locations in Hungary, you have the opportunity to taste Anjuna wine ice pops, because they will be available at most Fina Locations. But be careful: they might be refreshing in the heat of the summer, but they contain some alcohol, so consume them moderately!

Grapes and flavours

Here are the ingredients of the four ice pops:

? Bolyki Winery, Eger – Bikavér of Eger with forest fruits with the top immersed in Columbian black chocolate. Arc.: around 3%

? Miklós Csabi Winery, Mór – Királyleányka with orange and fresh strawberry. Alc.: around 3,5%.

? Dúzsi Tamás Winery – Rosé with soda water and strawberry. Alc.: around 6%

? Homola Winery – 100% Balaton white wine with apricot. Alc: around 3%.

The ice creams are available at DiVino wine bars and Anjuna shops as well.

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