Wine of the Week: Babarczi Merlot 2018

Pannonhalma is a magic place, the hill on top of the Archabbey (with a levander field, a restaurant, a winery and a tea house) is a must-visit spot within a short drive from Budapest. Babarczi Winery is a family run estate situated in Pannonhalma wine region, and long has been well-known for its crispy, reductive white wines, plus recently they have started to make red wines – apparently with success! Edit Szabó renowned wine writer, editor in chief and owner of Borsmenta wine blog has made the following notes of the wine: „The first Merlot of Babarczi Winery is a perfect example of easy to drink Merlot wines. It definitely needs food, recommended with roasted goose or stew made of venison. Medium intense ruby. Fresh forest fruits and notes clearly reminiscent of wooden shavings. Cranberry, blackberry and after some aeration these notes are complemented with some chocolate, cocoa beans and tobacco coming from barrel ageing. The palate gives exactly what we expect after the nose: clear lines, red fruits with sour cherry, raspberry, plum, blackberry and sweet barrel spices. Some slight bitterness in the aftertaste. Easy to drink and easy to love right now, but still young, we would prefer laying it down for one or two years.” As the winery commented, they would lay it down as well, if they still had many, but „unfortunately” it is far more popular.

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