Wine touristic conference and wine exhibition in Budapest

This Saturday, on 23 February an event called BorÉrt will take place in Vajdahunyad Castle, Budapest, which is the location of the Hungarian Museum of Agriculture. The aim of the conference is to improve guest–host relationship in the whole country and also to learn from the best touristic examples. Pannon broader wine region will be introduced in details: Szekszárd, Pécs, Tolna and Villány wine regions will all have a time slot to share their best practice regarding wine tourism. The language of the conference is Hungarian, but for non-Hungarian speakers it is still worth participating: there will be more than 30 exhibitors, many of them representing a whole wine region (for example Villány-Siklós wine route association). Some of the exhibitors: Bock Cellar (Villány), Garamvári Winery (South Balaton), Koch Winery (Hajós–Baja), Lajvér Estate (Szekszárd), Vylyan Vineyard and Winery (Villány). Lajvér Estate is definitely a good example to follow regarding not only winemaking, but also wine tourism. They frequently organize events, like Lajvér Pik-nik (in the picture), which attract hundreds of visitors, and they have also opened their restaurant (Lajvér Borbisztó) to enjoy Lajvér wines with local food.
The event is organized by The exhibition is on from 10 am to 6 pm, participants can taste and buy wines, food and other products.

Tickets cost only 3000 HUF (10 euros) at the venue.

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