Winter dream escape with thousand stars

A 5 star hotel is always a treat, but how about 1000 stars? Zselic valley in the south of Hungary is situated in the first European Star Reserve Park, therefore it offers undisturbed star gazing, plus outstanding meals, unqiue rooms and great Hungarian wines.

Far from the noise, close to the sky

Among the forests, far from the cities there is a hidden valley, a perfect escape, it is called Zselic Leisure Farm. Zselic National Park was the first in Europe in 2009 – together with Scottish Galloway Park – to receive the International Star Reserve Park title, because in bright nights thousands or rather millions of stars are visible over the farm. Zselic Leisure Farm has 8 guests houses scattered around the valley with 33 rooms altogether. All the rooms are furnished and designed with the cooperation of renowned artists of visual art. A spectacular wine cellar, event venues and a sauna house is at the guests’ disposal all year long.

Award winning beef, vegetables from the garden

If you are what you eat, then at Zselic Leasure Farmy your body is clean and healthy, and your soul is lifted with the good feeling that you have done something for the earth. At Zselic valley they keep animals and process meat within the farm, they multi award winning French charolais beef is unparalleled. Vegetables are grown on the spot, jams, juices are also made by Zselic staff, certainly from fruit grown within the National Park. As for the wines, Zselic Leisure Farm cooperates with Pannon Borbolt (Pannon wine shop) in Pécs to offer a good selection of wines from Pannon broader wine region (Pécs, Villány, Szekszárd, Tolna). Let us recommend 3 courses with 3 wines from the menu!

Farm grown chicken with the king’s rosé

Farm grown chicken steak and risotto with spinach and dried tomato is a dish made of almost only locally grown ingredients. The taste of a chicken eating grass all his life is far from the industrially kept chicken. This meal deserves an equal partner: for example a carefully made rosé wine from Dúzsi Family Winery from the neighbouring Szekszárd. Rozé Cuvée 2019 is made of Zweigelt, Merlot, Pinot Noir and Cabernet Sauvignon. A fresh, lively, crispy rosé with red berry fruits, a true representative of Szekszárd wine region, one of the closest wine regions to Zselic.

Duck leg confit with the spirit of our ancestors

Eszterbauer Winery is closely related to the elder generations. They do not only rely on the forefathers’ knowledge, but dedicate the labels to long gone figures of their past. ’Tanyamacska’ (literally ’Farm Cat’) refers to typical rural people, who spent all their lives in the vineyards and the cellar, and of course loved drinking wine from down to dusk. Duck leg confit is served with apple flavoured steamed purple cabbage, plus onion and bacon seasoned smashed potatoes. This intense and rich meal needs a fresh, lively red wine with vibrant acids and structure as well well to cope up with the complexity of the meal. Tanyamacska Kékfrankos meets these requirements, and gives some extra spiciness, lovely barrel notes and long finish. It shows the excitement of the variety with the richness of fruits and acidity, but at the same time it reflects the mildness of the wine region.

The king of the forest with a truly noble wine

Nándor Montenuovo was a noble man, who helped Villány region in several ways, mostly in agriculture. In spite of his unselfish help and the influence he made on the development of the region, he died among miserable circumstances due to the political situations (he was a passionate hunter, and at the end of the 2nd World War he was taken to prison for owning weapons, he died in prison due to inflammation of the lungs). Vylyan Vineyard and Winery dedicates one of their most important blend to this noble martyr: Montenuovo Cuvée. The blend is a perfect match with the king of the surrounding forests, the deer. The marinated venison with blueberry sauce and crocquette pairs well with this amazing red wine. The structure is dominated by the Cabernet Franc, harmoniously complemented by the spiciness of the Syrahand the Zweigelt and the balance of the Merlot. Dark fruity notes and the spiciness of cocoa powder feels overwhelming on the palate, but with proportionate and soft tannins and refreshing acidity.

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