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Pannon Wine Guild is an association uniting the iconic winemakers of Hungary. They celebrated their 20th anniversary last year, and a special workshop will be conducted with 10 wines of Guild members at VinCE Budapest Wine Show on 4th April.

The prestigious group

Pannon Wine Guild is an association of the most significant family wineries throghout the country. It was founded by 1999 by ten winemakers: János Árvay (Tokaj), Tibor Gál (Eger), Attila Gere (Villány), Zoltán Heimann (Szekszárd), István Szepsy (Tokaj), Huba Szeremley (Badacsony), Vilmos Thummerer (Eger), Ede Tiffán (Villány), Sándor Tóth (Balaton Uplands), Ferenc Vesztergombi (Szekszárd).  It is a prestige to become a member. They hold tasting events, for example the annual Christmas tasting and the Guild has an award commemorating a member, late dr László Bussay. The Guild has 38 members at the moment. The award is given to wine experts, who work hard for the cause of Hungarian wines.

The members of Hungarian Wine Guild (presidents, founding members, members)

Workshop from Cserszegi Fűszeres to Fekete Leányka

The 10 wines presented at the workshop are made of grape varieties of the Carpathian basin (except for Pannonhalmi Infusio). We can taste Csókaszőlő made by the winery of the late doctor Bussay, this light bodied, spicy, fruity red variety is a rarity even for us, Hungarians. Cserszegi Fűszeres is a crossing made in Hungary, aromatic and adorable. Of course we cannot present a tasting without Kadarka, this spicy, exciting variety, which is usually consumed young, but there are amazing matured examples as well. Kékfrankos, the most important black variety will also be introduced along with Fekete Leányka (Feteasca Neagra) by Géza Balla, a Hungarian winemaker from Romania.

Tóth Ferenc Egri Kadarka Superior 2018

Ferenc Tóth, the owner and founder of this Eger winery, he celebrated his 80th birthday last year. The winery was among the first ones to use the new community bottle for their Kadarka and Kékfrankos wines. “Roasted walnut is the first impression, then raspberry juice and strawberry jam on the nose. If we are patient enough, some herbal– resinous notes appear as well. Vibrant acidity and integrating tannins are felt immediately on the palate, followed by fresh sour cherries with ever increasing intensity, and certainly spiciness appears.”

More about the wine

Eszterbauer Frankos 2017

Eszterbauer is another family winery, but from another important wine region called Szekszárd. Eger and Szekszárd have many similarities, for example both (and only them) are allowed to make Bikavér. Kékfrankos (known as Blaufrankisch in Austria) is the main variety of most Bikavér blends, but varietal Kékfrankos wines are also more than important. Eszterbauer Frankos is a single vineyard wine from Bodzás vineyards. Only 1100 bottles were made of this great vintage. The label pictures the owner’s grandfather.

Read the story of the label

The whole list of wines at Pannon Wine Guild workshop

  1. Pannonhalmi Infusio, 2017
  2. Font Pince Kunsági Cserszegi Fűszeres, 2019
  3. Bussay Csókaszőlő, 2017
  4. Tóth Ferenc Egri Kadarka Superior, 2018
  5. Eszterbauer Frankos, 2017
  6. Bott Frigyes Kékfrankos, 2018 (vintage to be confirmed)
  7. Figula Öreghegy Olaszrizling, 2017
  8. Balla Géza Feteasca Negra Feketeleányka Sziklabor, 2017
  9. Andrea Merengő Egri Bikavér Superio,r 2006
  10. Tokaj Kikelet Tokaji Szamorodni sweet, 2016

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