1 June: Csetvei Garden opening party

Star gazing, wine tasting and dancing till dawn – the opening party of Csetve Garden surrounded by Ezerjó vines will be unforgettable for sure. Magashegyi Underground, a popular Hungarian band will play from 8 pm, then the host, Nesta and another DJ, Jácint will hold the DJ counter. Tickets cost 5000 HUF / person (15.5 euros), and they include adimission to the concert and a glass of wine. Certainly participants will have the chance to taste all Csetvei wines, for example the Ezerjó in the photo. Trefers to ’tartály’ (stainless steel), and the nose is full of freshly sliced fruits including some citrus, it shows a touch of minerality, fresh, light yet complex wine that makes you talk! Roland Falusi’s photo is a wedding photo and there is evidence that the wine makes people talk: the newly wed couple said yes! to the most important question. Who knows, maybe you will find your future life partner at Csetvei Garden opening party…

To register write to Krisztina Csetvei: csetveikrisztina@gmail.com

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