Taschner, Babarczi, Tornai, Steigler Berliner Wine Trophy Gold 2024

146 Hungarian medals at 2024 Berliner Wine Trophy

Merlot, Furmint and Cabernet Franc are the three top grapes

The most medals went to Italy (520), Spain (390), Germany (256), France (222) and Austria (153). Hungary is the 6th in the ranking of the 36 countries with its 146 medals. With this result Hungary leads the former Eastern Bloc countries (Czech Republic 47, Romania 16, Ukraine 6, Croatia 5, Bulgaria 4, Serbia 2, Poland 1, Slovakia 1, Slovenia 1.

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Taschner Chardonnay Brut 2020, Sopron

The trend of producing bottle fermented sparkling wines is clearly visible from the results. 5 Hungarian bubblies received gold, all made with the traditional method. 3 of them are from Balaton (Androsics, Bujdosó and Kern) and one from Villány (Teleki Tradíció). Kurt István Taschner was one of the first winemakers to include sparkling wine in is range, and his Chardonnay is an elegant, refined sparkling wine in every vintage. Taschner Irsai Olivér 2023 received a silver medal.

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Taschner and his Chardonnay Brut Sopron Hungary

Babarczi Merlot 2021, Pannonhalma

The No 1 grape variety among the 146 Hungarian medal winners is Merlot: 36 Merlot wines were awarded. And not only from the Southern Villány, from cooler regions as well, like Babarczi Merlot 2021 from Pannonhalma. The wine was aged partially in French and partially in Hungarian barrique for 10 months. Just like for its 2020 predecessor, the grape was healthy and fully ripened. As Zsuzsanna Babarczi commented, probably 2021 is even more fruit forward, and it has a lot of potential for certain. Only 2400 bottles were made.

Babarczi Marianum Cabernet Franc 2021 also received gold medal.

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Babarczi Merlot Pannonhalma vintage 2021 Hungary

Tornai ‘Aranykönny’ Nagy-Somlói Zeusz 2022, Somló

The second most important grape variety is Furmint with 27 wines, though most of them are sweet wines, only 9 of them are dry, and 3 of them are not from Tokaj. Tornai Somlói Apátsági Furmint 2021 is one of the non-Tokaj dry Furmint wines. 29 of the medal winners are sweet or semi-sweet wines, 25 of them are from Tokaj. But not only Tokaj can give great sweet wines, the volcanic Somló also can. Tornai’s gold winner wine has 85.2 g/L residual sugar, nicely balanced with the 7.67 g/L acidity. It is made of Zeusz grape, an indigenous Hungarian variety, and the name ‘Aranykönny’ means ‘Golden Drop’. White flowers, blossoms and petals but there is the peach and mineral character also. On the palate the sweet sip is framed with high acidity and medium alcohol and body. The promised notes by the nose are completed with peach and candied lemon and lemon peel. In the medium length aftertaste, there is orange oil as well.

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Tornai sweet wine and dessert, Somló, Hungary

Steigler Bio Premium Cabernet Franc 2021, Sopron

The 3rd most typical grape variety among the medal winners is Cabernet Franc, which clearly reflects the tendencythat Hungary can give great varietal wines made of Cabernet Franc. Villány is the leading wine region in this respect, but more and more wine regions follow suit, for example Sopron, where the organic Steigler Cellar makes stunning wine of the variety. Black forest fruits, plum, sloe, smoky tones and oaky notes. Concentrated, full bodied wine with soft texture, refined tannins, refreshing acidity and some mineral character. Steigler Pinot Noir and Kékfrankos also received gold medals.

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