18 January Vince Day – heart warming event in the cold

As we wrote earlier, Vince Day is the day dedicated to the patron of the vineyard (Saint Vincent) and is celebrated with several programmes in Villány. Bock Cellar awaits guests with a wine dinner, barrel tasting and special offer in the hotel, Gere Attila Winery invites winelovers for a Vince Day as well, full of wine from morning till evening, and Vylyan Vineyard and Winery will also commemorate the day with a joyous programme. We have personally experienced this familiar festivity with Vylyan team, and we were surprised to realize that we were not cold at all even though we were standing for hours in the vineyard in the coldest month of the year. Participants can enjoy hot wine (glühwein) outside and a guided wine tasting inside, plus some of the ancient traditions will revive as well: guest will cut vine stick (if it buds, it promises a good year) and sprinkle the soil with wine. With so much blessing, the devil will stay away from the vineyard for sure! Ördög (’Devil’ / Belzebub) is a very good price value red blend of the winery made of grapes vinified separately. „It is not the finesse, but the liveliness that makes it popular. This blend of local varieties is best characterised by its chewy, meaty, attracting structure. The ripe fruitiness evokes the notes of blueberry and blackberry, while the spiciness reflects notes of clove and cardamom. In the aftertaste the taste and texture reminiscent of cocoa powder also appear.”

Why Devil? Read the legend

More about Vince Day Villány programmes (website in Hungarian, google translate can help or write to us)

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