29 February: Volcanic Badacsony in NY Café, Budapest

God gives us an extra day this year, obviously we should celebrate the leap-day with wine! Badacsony wine region is situated on the north of lake Balaton (one of the largest lakes in Europe). The volcanic soil gives a unique touch to the wines made here, Olaszrizling is the most widely spread grape, plus the region has some authentic grape varieties (Kéknyelű, Rózsakű, Vulcanus – see our Grape Dictionary). The 10th Badacsony grand tasting takes place on 29 February in the usual place: the 5 star Boscolo hotel with its legendary café called New York Café. Circa 40 wineries will offer 150 wines.

The exhibitors’ list is not published yet, but Sabar Wine House will participate. Olaszrizling Single Vineyard Bács-hegy 2017 is a vineyard selection wine from a smaller hill (Bács) of the region. Fruity wine with birch and pear, accompanied by a hint of marzipan. The spiciness coming from barrel ageing makes the overall sensation more complex and gives the palate a pleasant smokiness, which is nicely retained in the aftertaste.” The event begins at 4 pm, tickets are available on the spot.

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