Sauvignon Blanc Hungary 2022

3 + 1 Sauvignon Blanc

Asparagus season is still on!

Sauvignon Blanc grape variety is super easy to recognise, and asparagus is an obvious food pair of it. Let us introduce 3 exciting Sauvignons: Dubicz from volcanic Mátra, Feind from the corner of Balaton and Haraszthy from the “vineyard of Budapest”. And the plus 1? The plus 1 comes from the venue of our 5th Hungarian Gettogether! All the recommended wines are available at Winelovers Webshop – they ship to every European country!

Dubicz 1014 Sauvignon Blanc 2021, Mátra

This wine won gold medal at the latest edition of VinAgora international competition. No wonder: Dubicz 1014 is an elegant manifestation of everything we love in Sauvignon Blanc: charming elderberry, juicy gooseberry, grassy notes reminiscent of a summer meadow and vibrant, refreshing acidity. And what does 1014 stand for? It stands for the altitude of ‘Kékestető’, the highest peak of Hungary situated in Mátra mountains – not far from the vineyards of Dubicz estate.

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Dubicz Sauvignon Blanc Mátra

Feind Sauvignon Blanc 2021, Balatonfüred

Feind Winery is undoubtedly one of the most well equipped estate with state-of-the-art machinery in the winery plant. Technique in itself would not make great wines, but the family winery has a devoted French winemaker – well, he is married to a Hungarian woman so we can consider him half Hungarian… – and with several renowned consultants. Success follow success: Feind has collected several serious ackowledments recently, plus they are outstanding in the price-value field.

The grape came from Somlyó hill in Balatonfőkajár, the east “corner” of the lake, a wonderful place with breathtaking view of the light blue Balaton. A “New World style” reductive Sauvignon Blanc. Freshly cut grass and nettledominate the nose, while the palate boasts with crispy, lively acidity and citrusy flavours. For only about 4.5 euros on the shelf.
Photo: Duck breast with lentil salad and wasabi dressing by Jenő Rácz Michelin starred chef

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Feind Sauvignon Blanc Balaton

Haraszthy Sauvignon Blanc 2021, Etyek

Etyek, a small town within easy reach from Budapest is often mentioned as the vineyard of the capital of Hungary. And indeed, city dwellers love spending Saturdays on ‘Öreghegy’ (‘Old Hill’), strolling among the rustic, little cellars, arriving at the modern Haraszthy estate and enjoying a subtle plate at Matador restaurant, the steak house of Haraszthy Vineyard. The estate makes reliably great Sauvignon Blanc in every vintage.
“New World Sauvignon Blanc with lively tropical fruity scent, passion fruit standing out. Range of summoned fruits expanded with white peaches, laced with mild vegetal aromas. Concentrated, vibrant wine with a sophisticated texture and a fruity accent finish. The typical acid characteristics of Etyek wine region go well with the New World style.”

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Haraszthy Sauvignon Blanc Etyek

And the plus 1? Here we go!!!

Hundreds of winelovers and wine experts have experienced the unique concept of Hungarian Gettogether in the past 4 years. There is no ticket, people cannot buy the right to enter, participation is only by invitation. The lucky invited ones can be part of a relaxed,  international celebration of the wonderful world of wines. The venue is different in every year. Haraszthy (Etyek) in 2018, Csetvei (Mór) in 2019, Patricius (Tokaj) in 2020 and the Castle of Siklós (Villány) in 2021. And the location in 2022? Let us reveal it now with a great Sauvignon Blanc!

Pannonhalmi Sauvignon Blanc 2021, Pannonhalma

Yes, the venue of 2022 Hungarian Gettogether is Pannonhalma Archabbey Winery, a UNESCO World Heritage site, a fabulous venue with history in the air. More information is coming soon.
Grapes for this wine came from two vineyards with different soil and climate characteristics: Széldomb and Tavaszó. The grape was picked in several ripening phases. The must was fermented in stainless steel, partially on the skin – the resulting wine is abundant in tropical fruits and has refined, subtle structure. Due to the timely and carefully applied technology in the winery, a tasty and crispy white wine with the typical notes of the grape variety was produced that, at the same time, authentically represents the natural conditions of Pannonhalma. The aromatics of the wine are dominated by hay, gooseberry and green apple, enriched by a sweet tinge of elderflower on the finish.

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