Csetvei Cellar

The winery was founded and is owned by a young lady called Krisztina Csetvei. She was born near Szabadka in 1983 (Subotica, a Hungarian speaking town in Serbia) and moved to Budapest with her family when she was a child.

She studied marketing and management at the Technical University, and in 2006 as a practical training period she worked for the then brand new Béres Winery in Tokaj. She received a WSET course voucher for Christmas from the Béres family, she took and passed the course – and that was it. She fell in love with wines, started systematical tasting and became more conscious with food and wine pairing. After a 3 year sideway in the marketing department of a huge corporation and postgraduation at university she had a ’coincidental’ encounter again: she met a friend of her father’s, László Bóni, owner of DiBonis Winery, Serbia, tasted his spirits and wines, and the familiar feeling of love of the world of wine came back. The dreams and plans were followed by act: in 2011 Csetvei Cellar was born with the renovation of an old, traditional wine cellar in the town of Mór.


Now she is over 7 harvests, she married and gave birth to a daughter. Her creative mind (or marketing in the most positive sense) is present in the life of the winery: in naming the wines, in wine tourism programmes and in her mission to make Mór wine region much more respected. She created a kind of periodic chart of chemical elements – though instead of chemical elements the grape varieties of Mór wine region are listed in the chart. She and her husband organises unforgettable events in the cellar and in its wonderful vineyard: music, movie, great food from the furnace and of course the carefully made, artisan wines of Csetvei Cellar.


Web: https://www.csetveipince.hu

Importers:  Belgium (Roi de Rois), Italy (Vino Ungherese), Poland (Lutomski Vino), Slovakia (VinoBro Weisz), Switzerland (Boár Wines ), UK (Malux Hungarian Wine and Spirit), USA (Rooted Selections)



Csetvei Szürkebarát 2018

Bright, golden colour. On the nose an exciting mixture of freshly sliced fruits (peach, grapefruit, pineapple, pear) and spiciness. Complex, luscious on the palate. Full bodied wine with very long, juicy finish.


Csetvei Ezerjó Amphora 2018

Extremely clean both on the nose and on the palate. A typical Ezerjó with refreshing fruity notes and vibrant acidity. Flowers, summer apple and tropical fruits.

Nap Hold Csillag

Csetvei Napholcsillag 2018

 A complex, elegant white wine with vanilla, spices, citrus notes and tropical fruits. 


Csetvei Juhfark 2018

The grape comes from a volcanic wine region, Somló and is made of autochton Juhfark grape. Saltiness, minerality and some fruitiness. Exciting wine with absolute purity. 

Pinot Noir

Csetvei Pinot Noir 2017

 Easy to drink, easy to fall in love with: a lightsome, graceful, spicy wine full of red berry fruits. 


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