Hungarian wine event in Bratislava

Date: 8 June, 2017
Location: Hotel Devín, Bratislava, Slovakia
Type of event: wine exhibition with 38 Hungarian family wineries

Pannon Bormíves Céh (Pannon Wine Guild) is an association of the most significant family wineries throughout the country. The Guild was founded by 1999 by ten wineries, and it is a prestige to become a member. They hold tasting events, for example the annual Christmas tasting and exhibit together at several exhibitions. This Thursday the association will held a tasting called BraVino in a 4 star hotel in the capital of Slovakia, where the members will offer more than 100 wines to taste for the expected 200 wine professionals and wine lovers.

A mission to convert beer drinkers

Slovakia, the northern neighbour of Hungary is traditionally a beer drinking country, though winemaking has a long established tradition as well. “Slovakian people have always preferred beer to wine, and this trend seems to change nowadays, however the Slovakian wine drinkers favour Italian, French or Austrian wines” – says Frigyes Bott, a Hungarian winemaker living in the Slovakia. Frigyes Bott makes suberb wines, his Rhine Riesling is simply amazing (his Riesling became first at VinCE Magazine panel tasting this March). He is a member of Pannon Bormíves Céh, and with the other members he is optimistic to show Hungarian wines to the Slovakian public, as Béla Jekl, president of the association said, they hope that the event will generate more export to Slovakia from Hungary.

Did you like them? Buy them!

The event is accompanied by a webshop to offer the opportunity to the visitors to buy the wines they liked the best. Attila Gere, József Bock from Villány, János Eszterbauer from Szekszárd, János Frittmann from Kunság, Vilmos Thummerer and Ferenc Tóth (Egri Borvár) from Eger, and many wellknown names are on the list of the members, thus this tasting promises to be a great opportunity to sample stunning Hungarian wines!

Tickets: 19 euros in advance, 25 euros on the spot
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