3rd Franc & Franc International Tasting Day

50 Cabernet Franc wines on 25 November, Villány

On 25 November Villány in Southern Hungary will host a magnificent Cabernet Franc tasting again. More than 50 single varietal wines can be tasted in 5 different wineries – therefore it’s not only a tasting, but a lovely excurcios to five spectacular wineries:  Bock, Csányi, Gere, Polgár and Tiffán wineries.

Cabernet Franc is usually blended with the other two Bordeaux grape varieties, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, and Cabernet Franc is much less usual as a single varietal wines. If produced the style is varied: the Cabernet Franc wines in the Loire valley, France, for example are lighter bodied, different wines from the more full bodied ones of Villány. As Michael Broadbent (former director of Chistie’s auction house wine department) said when visiting the southern Hungarian wine region: Cabernet Franc has found its home in Villány.
The tasting begins at 10 am and finishes at 6 pm. Buses will transfer guests between wineries.

This year: Cabernet Franc nationwide

Following Broadbent’s famous and often quoted statement, more and mre producers believed that they should place special emphasis on the variety. The brand Villányi Franc has been established, and now it is produced according to rigorous principles.

The first Franc & Franc event hosted producers from the Loire and wines were tasted side by side, while in the second event Cabernet Franc wines of the Balkan and Italian wineries were the honorable guests. By today Cabernet Franc has become wellknown and appreciated all over Hungary, thus this year the organizers decided to dedicate the whole event to Hungarian Cabernet Franc wines with some invited wineries from other wine regions, like Szekszárd, Mátra, Balaton.

5 Cabernet Franc wines you must not miss

  • Vylyan Mandolás Single Vineyard Villányi Franc, 2012
  • Sauska Cabernet Franc, 2012
  • Kővilla Selection Villányi Franc, Csányi Winery, 2012
  • Bock Villányi Franc Feketehegy Selection, 2014
  • Gere & Weninger Villányi Franc 2015

List of Cabernet Franc wines to be tasted

Tickets cost 18 900 HUF / person (60 euros).


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