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Hungarian exhibitors at Düsselforf wine fair

Hungary has a long tradition of winemaking and Tokaj has been world famous for centuries. The strong focus on wine predestines the country to take the leading role in Central Eastern Europe and it can be seen at ProWein as well. Hungary will present 51 exhibitors, which is significantly more than other countries of the CEE region.

Small country, huge diversity

Hungary has a population of about 10 million people, the country is among the smallest ones with 90 000 square kilometres and we have 60 200 hectares of vineyard under wine grapes. There are 6 broader wine regions with altogether 22 sub-regions. Wines of Hungary community booth will feature 34 of the exhibitors. From Villány to Tokaj, from aromatic whites to matured red wines, from sparkling wines to luscious sweet wines, visitors can find a whole range of wines to discover at HALL 12 / D20. The exhibitors outside Wines of Hungary pavilion are marked by their locations (below).

Masterclasses! Wines of Hungary will conduct several masterclasses during the fair. Tokaj connoisseurs can enjoy the treasures of this unparalleled wine region at Liquid Gold masterclass every day of ProWein (19 March 17.15, 20 March 17.00 and 21 March 14.15). The most important masterclass to feature Hungarian wines will be held on 19 March in HALL 13 at 16.00 to 17.00 Taste our wines at ProWein Forum Masterclass! 
Wines of Hungary at Prowein


The largest lake of Central Europe is surrounded by 6 sub-regions. Badacsony is a volcanic mountain on the north shore of Lake Balaton with mainly white varieties, including Kéknyelű, the most special one. NagySomló is a bit farther from the lake, again volcanic with its flagship variety, Juhfark. Balaton Highlands is in the middle on the north while Balatonfüred–Csopak is on the north-west with stunning single vineyard Olaszrizling wines, Balatonboglár is on the south shore with white and black varieties. Zala sub-region is a hilly place on the south-west corner with some hidden gems to discover.
– Wineries at Wines of Hungary community booth: BB (Balatonboglár Borgazdaság) and Garamvári Vineyards from Balatonboglár, Feind Winery and Homola Winery from Balatonfüred–Csopak, Fischer Estate and Villa Sandahl from Badacsony, Tornai Winery from Somló.
– Kristinus Wine Estate (Balatonboglár) is to be found at Hall 12 / B20
– Szeremley Estate (Badacsony) will exhibit at Hall 12 / D27.

Badacsony mountain Balaton Hungary
Badacsony mountain at Lake Balaton (Photo: Norbert Varga)

Upper Pannon

The north-west of Hungary includes five sub-regions: Sopron with its Kékfrankos focus near the Austrian border, Etyek, the “vineyard of Budapest” near the capital with cool climate wines and more and more sparklings, Neszmély, Mór and Pannonhalma sub-regions between the above two with mostly cool climate wines.
– Wineries at Wines of Hungary community booth: Etyeki Kúria and Törley Sparkling Winery (Etyek), Pannonhalma Archabbey Winery (Pannonhalma), Pfneiszl Estate (Sopron).


The south-west wine region of Hungary includes Villány with its great red wines, especially Villány Franc, Szekszárd is famous for its Bikavér blend, Pécs has the indigenous Cirfandli, while Tolna is a sub-region with diverse wines from aromatic whites through roses to complex red wines.
– Wineries at Wines of Hungary community booth: Lajver Wine House and Vida Winery (Szekszárd), Tűzkő Estate (Tolna).
– Dúzsi Family Winery (Szekszárd) will be at Hall 12 / D27.
– Vesztergombi Cellar (Szekszárd) is to be found at Cabolo Ltd. / Heritage Wines booth at Hall 12 / C20.
– Bock Cellar, Csányi Winery / Teleki Wines, A. Gere Winery, Gere Tamás & Zsolt Winery, Günzer Tamás Winery, Koch Winery, Polgár Winery, Streit-Zagonyi Winery and Vylyan Vineyards and Winery will exhibit together at Villány community booth at Hall 12 / D40.

Kopár vineyard, Villány
Kopár – the iconic vineyard of Villány ('kopár' means 'bare', the naming is obvious)


The largest wine region includes three sub-regions: Kunság with mostly aromatic whites, Hajós–Baja with a whole range of wines and Csongrád, a quickly developing, yet less wellknown region.
Frittmann Winery at Cabolo Ltd. / Heritage Wines booth at Hall 12 / C20.

Upper Hungary

The north-east wine region of the country has Mátra, the largest mountainous sub-region, Eger, the medieval town and home of Egri Bikavér and Bükk, a sub-region yet to discover – for example the crispy white wines made of the indigenous Zenit grape.
– Wineries at Wines of Hungary community booth: Dubicz Winery and Vineyard (Mátra), Tóth Ferenc Winery (Eger).


The king of wines comes from Tokaj, from the far north-east corner of Hungary. Tokaji Aszú, the noble botrytised sweet wine is unmissable, and the dry white Furmint and Hárslevelű wines are also obligatory to taste, not to mention the bottle fermented sparkling wines made of the indigenous grapes of Tokaj.
– Wineries at Wines of Hungary community booth:  Balassa Winery, Barta Winery, Bodrog Borműhely, Carpinus Winery, Gróf Degenfeld Wine Estate, Dereszla Winery, Füleky Wine Estate, Gizella Winery, Harsányi Winery, Holdvölgy, Kvaszinger Winery, MadMoser, Pannon Tokaj, Patricius Winery, Royal Tokaji, Tokaj-Hétszőlő Organic Vineyards, TR Wines, Zsirai Winery.
– Disznókő is to be found at Hall 12 / A 39.
– Grand Tokaj will exhibit at Hall 12 / D 19.

Barta Öreg Király Vineyard Tokaj
Barta "Öreg Király" Vineyard in Mád, Tokaj

Pálinka – the essence of fruit

The Hungarian origin protected spirit, Pálinka will also be available for tasting at several exhibitors’ booths: Savanya, Szicsek, Tokaj Spirit, Zsoldos – all united by Pálinka National Board at Hall 13 / C 37.

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