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Erdőbénye festival, 5–8 July

„Bor, mámor, Bénye” could be translated into „Wine, exhilaration, Erdőbény”, and it refers to the Hungarian title (Wine, exhilaration, Provence), of the movie A good year. And indeed, just like Russel Crowe in the movie leaving behind his business career for the tranquility of Provence, thousands of townsmen pilgrimage to the tiny, picturesque village of Erdőbényeto find peace, love, quality music performances and certainly quality wines.

The 10th festival in Erdőbénye offers a wide range of musicians. Szabó Balázs bandája („The Band of Balázs Szabó) is a personal favourite: his virtuosity in both lyrics and the violin and his energy on the stage makes this band absolutely unique, and though as a foreigner you cannot enjoy the playful, poetical lyrics, you can still love the music:



Star gazing, vertical Aszú tasting and much more at Béres

The festival has fabulous locations: two churches, a museum, a cemetery and 13 wineries! One of the wineries of Erdőbénye is the world famous Béres Winery and Vineyard. „The person who receives a giftfrom life must return something, and if you begin something, you will become responsible for that. It is not enough to fall in love with Lőcse vineyard, the owner must cultivate it. It is great to build, but even better to create”– these noble thoughts are from Béres family, who deserve the attention not only for their wines, but also for the work they do for the community. Related article about the new Béres educatonal trail:

At the festival they offer exciting programmes, for example a Béres Tokaji Aszú vertical tasting on Friday, the 6th of July. The tasting consists of 6 aszús, three 5 and three 6 puttonyos wines from the vintages 2003, 2005, 2007, 2008 and 2013. The tasting costs 10.000 HUF (31.5 euros). The tasting is followed by Mihály Dresh strings quartet concert, and then at 9 pm you can watch the stars with the help of a telescope and some professional astronomers. One of the best and coolest restaurant of Tokaj region, „Anyukám mondta” („My mum said so”) will join Béres winery to make the experience even more delicious!

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Ticket info

4-day weekend ticket (Thursday–Sunday), which includes all music programs, the tasting glass and 12 tasting tickets that can be used at any time during the festival cost 12.000 HUF (37.5 euros). Some programs – like the above mentioned Béres Aszú vertical tasting – must be paid separately.


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