A magical night at Vylyan – 22 June

The shortest night of the year is celebrated all over the world, a bonfire to be jumped over is among the obligatory thetrical props of the night. The government of Hungary is not generous enough yet to make Monday a public holiday, therefore St John’s night (Szent Iván in Hungary) is held a day before, on 22 June, Saturday. Vylyan Vineyard and Winery in Villány wine region has a magnificent venue at the estate worthy of the night: a large terrace and a green courtyard with large trees and stunning view of the vineyards. St. John’s Eve begins at 5 pm with the lighting of the bonfire, and music won’t stop throughout the evening (by Balázs Lenthár singer and guitarist). The chef of Vylyan terrace, Tamás Reszkető prepares a special menu with dishes like BBQ lamp knuckle with mint tzatziki and potato gratin, vegetarian wrap with grilled vegetables, couscous, cheddar and tomato salsa or milkpie with rhubarb, strawberry, vanilla and mascarpone. The night is magical, and so the wines are: Vylyan has a whole range of wines telling storiesWitch Riesling, Herka Chardonnay, Belzebub Cuvée, Rooster rosé, Cat portuguieser. A great method of keeping the devil away during this magical night is to drink it: Belzebub Cuvée is a Villány blend with great price-value ratio: The ripe fruitiness evokes the notes of plum, blueberry and black- berry, while the spiciness reflects notes of cinnamon and cardamom. In the aftertaste the taste and texture reminiscent of cocoa powder also appear.”

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