Vylyan Variations Cabernet Franc

Amphora and barrel aged Cab Franc in one pack

Wine Duo with the promise of ‘eureka’

Warning: this duo pack has just been released and will be sold out very quickly. The last time Vylyan Vineyard and Winery released a “Vylyan Variations” wine, it was sold out quicker than a wink, I didn’t have time to post a piece…

The joy of recognition

Vylyan launched a new wine family in May 2021 called Vylyan Variations. Members of this family reflect the creativity of the winemaker, the passion of experimenting, the energy of the team. The first member was a barrel aged rosé followed by an amphora aged Syrah and now a duo pack of two bottles await winelovers of experimental spirit.

The grape for both bottles came from the same vintage, the same vineyard, the same variety (Cabernet Franc), harvested at the same time, the only difference is the ageing vessel, the way the “wine was breathing“. The amphora aged wine mirrors Villány terroir without any mask, while the barrel aged wine is enhanced with the notes of the new wood. To compare the two bottles, the spot the tiny nuances, to realize and identify the differences is the ultimate experience for the advanced wine connoisseurs.

Different worlds

2020 vintage started with early spring, followed by a hot summer with little rainfall. At harvest time there were long sunny periods with cool nights, thus this vintage gave wines with high acidity.

The amphora aged Cabernet Franc showcases fresh and dried sour cherry, dogberry and dark chocolate. Soft, clayish texture, ripened, integrated tannins. Ultimate balance. It is advised to air the wine for 1-2 hours before tasting.

The nose of the barrel aged wine begins with cedar with a little vanilla, coconut and rum. The palate is pleasantly grippy with flavours of sloe, sour cherry and dark chocolate. Its warmish spicy taste is reminiscent of clove.

“We love both wines, though they each represents a different world. We believe the best experience is to taste them together, this is why we sell them in a duo pack. If you can afford, lay a pack in your cellar. We are also very curious about the lifespan of the wines!”

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Vylyan Variations Cabernet Franc barrel aged

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