Balaton & Blues on 5 July!

Sabar Wine House is one of the best estates in Badacsony wine region, and if you ask for the most active and most creative one, it is undoubtedly Sabar. It is hard to find a „quiet” weekend at their rustic, charming wine estate on Sabar hill, they are always busy with concerts, hiking tours, tastings. The 5th of July will be a larger scale event at Sabar, an ideal date to visit them.

An ever active estate

On June 15 Sabar invites its fans for a cellar tour around Sabar hill: participants will have a short hike (3 kms) with 6 stops at neighbouring cellars, of course with wine tasting at each station. The „hike” will end at Sabar terrace with a fresh made goulash soup, some more wine and a blues concert. The tasting is a perfect warming up exercise for the great party on 5 July, which promises to be be an amazing event for blues and Sabar lovers. The detailed program has not been announced yet, but to get an impression, watch the video of last year Sabar Blues event:

Precious wines from the precious vineyards of Badacsony 

The estate is most famous for its single vineyard Olaszrizling wines, they are outstanding, complex wines along with the Rhine Riesling of the winery or the indigenous Kéknyelű wine. The first red wine of Sabar is also available, it is a Cabernet Franc from 2017. We had long waited for the first Cabernet Franc child of Sabar with excitement. It was fermenting on the skin for two weeks and after the „bath” it rested in 7 different barrels for 7 months. 2790 bottles were made.”

Sabar all year long

If you miss the summer events, do not bother, Sabar awaits guests all year long. The guest house can accommodate up to 6 people, and visitors can enjoy both the stunning view and the fully packed cellar. As for registering for any of the events or booking a room, visit Sabar website, which is one of the few Hungarian websites translated fully into English. You can also watch the owner, the winemaker and the viticulturist speaking about their mission in a very casual way, in Hungarian, but with subtitles. Sabar is a small hill with great wines, as their slogan says, but we must add: also with great people.

More about Sabar

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