Barcelona meets Villányi Franc!

Cabernet Franc tasting of Villány and Penedés

After Vinisud in Montpellier, France, the Spanish wine connoisseurs will have a chance to taste some stunning 100% Cabernet Franc wines from Villány, the so called Villányi Franc wines. Villány producers had been fans of Bordeaux grapes for a while, when they realized that Cabernet Franc gives especially beautiful examples on Villány soil. Then came Michael Broadbent, renowned wine expert, former director of London auction house, Christie’s wine department, tasted Villányi Franc and said: „Cabernet Franc has found its home in Villány”.

Penedés – more than cava

The wine region south-west of the capital of Catalonia, called Penedés is most famous for cava production, more than 80% of Spanish cava is made here. However, Catalan people are born connoisseurs, they love cava, but they equally love still wines, therefore dinners tables get heavy with red wine bottles when the meat courses arrive.

The tasting on 22 March will offer 100% Cabernet Franc wines from these two regions, Villány and Penedés.

A wine store with history

The tasting will take place in Sant Sadurní d’Anoia, in the agglomeration of Barcelona, a place which is known the „Capital of Cava”. Here there is a wine shop called Cal Feru, which has been running on the very same place for more than 80 years! Xavi Roig represents the fourth generation of the founding family, and the ambitious wine expert holds full house tastings in various topics regularly. Xavi Roig is among the best sommeliers of Spain, and he is glad to taste Villányi Franc wines. As he said, sweet wines of Tokaj sell well in their wine store, but Hungarian red is not included in their portfolio yet.

Villányi Franc wines to be tasted

Vylyan Villányi Franc, 2015
Gere & Weninger Villányi Franc, 2015
Bock Fekete-hegy Selection Villányi Franc, 2014
Gere Tamás & Zsolt Villányi Franc, 2012
Kővilla Válogatás Villányi Franc, 2012

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