Grow du Monde Balaton, Hungary 2024, win two tickets

Be our reporter – win 2 tickets for GROW After!

Grand Olaszrizling Tasting on 31 May, Balatonfüred

GROW du Monde international Olaszrizling contest takes place this week, the official award ceremony will be held on 31th May followed by a walk around tasting of Olaszrizling wines from at least 50 wineries. team cannot participate personally, thus we are looking for our correspondent! Do you know Olaszrizling grape? Are you passionate about wines? Are you good at communication? Answer the questions below, send an email quickly. We will choose the winner from the first 10 responders TODAY!

– The winner will get 2 tickets for the tasting.
– The winner and his / her partner can travel free with the bus provided by the organizers (departing at 12.00 from Budapest, arriving at around 20.00 in Budapest).
– The winner accepts that he or she will send at least 3 short texts based on his or her own conversations with the invited international experts.
– The winner accepts that he or she will send at least 3 good quality photos of the tasting.

More information about GROW

Send your email to us today with your name, workplace and position, and the answers of the questions below:


  1. Which community wine is based on Olaszrizling?
    a, MyMátra                 b, BalatonBor              c, RedY

2. Which statement is true?

a, Olaszrizling is a sibling of Rhine Riesling originating in Germany.
b, Olaszrizling is an Italian grape variety.
c, Olaszrizling is likely to originate from the Danube basin.

3. We call somebody Mr Olaszrizling. Who do you think this person is?

a, Tamás Borbély, the youngest Winemaker of the Year, who makes several wines from Olaszrizling.
b, Zoltán Győrffy, one of the founders of GROW.
c, Everyone, who drinks Olaszrizling wine.

4. In which country is the grape called Laški Rizling?

a, Serbia     b, Croatia      c, Slovenia

5. Which winery won gold medal at the latest VinAgora wine contest with a wine called Szent Ilona Olaszrizling?

a, Ilona Winery from Eger with their Szent Ilona Olaszrizling 2022.
b, Tornai Winery from Somló with their Szent Ilona Olaszrizling 2019.
c, Szent Winery from Szekszárd with their Szent Ilona Olaszrizling 2020.

6. Which community wine does not have Olaszrizling in the blend?

a, RedY      b, Egri Csillag.      c, PH-Érték

7. What is the last Olaszrizling you have tasted? Describe it in 2-3 sentences?
(You can write in Hungarian.)

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