’Beaujolais’ Nouveau from Villány?

Not only the pronunciation of ’Bogyólé’ resembles Beaujolais, but the vinificiation method is similar, too. Just like the French wine for fresh consumption, this refreshing, fruity wine by Vylyan is also made with carbonic maceration, when the fermentation takes place within the berries. Vylyan Vineyard and Winery is famous for its relation with art from the artistic barrels exhibited around the cellar to the new set of short stories and poems written for Vylyan wines (you can find the whole amazing wine & literature & visual art project here). For Bogyólé label Vylyan announces a contest for young artists every year. The winner of the 15th edition is Anett Eszteró, a talented yound art student from Metropolitan University, Budapest (on the right side of the photo). Now a limited edition package is available with 6 bottles of Bogyólé, of course all from vintage 2019, but the labels are winners from the previous years. ’Bogyólé Retro Pack’ is available until the end of November from the winery’s webshop.

Vylyan webshop

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