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Béres Naparany: Drink “the colour of the year”

Pantone is one of the largest paint companies of the world, and it is most famous for its Pantone Matching System (PMS), a proprietary colour space used in a variety of industries, iconic companies like Lego or Coca Cola. It is important to have consistency regarding the red colour on the bottle of your favourite soft drink, isn’t it? Since 2000, the Pantone Color Institute has declared a particular colour “Colour of the Year”. The chosen colour always has some connection with the characteristics of the given year.

This year, Pantone has broken tradition for the second time and announced two colours of the year for 2021 — Ultimate Gray and Illuminating, a shade of yellow.

The reasons: Strength and hope

Leatrice Eiseman colour specialist and the executive director of the Pantone Color Institute explained why. “Because we know that, last year, anxiety was growing about the pandemic, we felt that it was important to have two colours that would show this union of colour that could then symbolize our need to reach out and connect with others. So at least that was our hope. And that was the reasoning behind it. Additionally, grey stands for practical and rock solid, the yellow for warmth and optimism — a combination that gives us some degree of resilience and hope“,  explains Eiseman.


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Béres Naparany – ‘The Gold of the Sun’

On of the two colours is Illuminating, which is close to the yellow shade of the sun. In Hungary, Tokaj wine region produces tons of liquid golden sunshine, you can pick any of them. But if you consider the name as well, ‘Naparany’ is the best choice by Béres Vineyard and Winery. The name means ‘The Gold of the Sun’ and the expression is taken from a renowned Hungarian poet, László Nagy. A poem written by him in the 70s was dedicated to senior doctor József Béres, founder of the winery. In the poem with the title ‘In the Foot- steps of Late Fools’ ‘Gold of the Sun’ was used as a synonym of values forever – and it ‘rhymes’ with the colour of this wine as well. (Original title: Elhúllt bolondok nyomán).

Sweet sensation, dry wine

Naparany is a blend of 60% Furmint and 40% Hárslevelű. Furmint was fermented in wooden barrel, while Hárslevelű was fermented on stainless steel. After blending another, shorter period of barrel ageing took place.

“Deep yellow colour. Its intense, layered nose captures us immediately with peach, honey and toasty notes. The palate is also full of intense spices and fruity notes of yellow flesh fruits. The acids give an ample backbone to the wine even though it is full bodied with accordingly higher alcohol. Its impressive character is outstanding because we can detect some subtle tones of bottle ageing as well. Multi-faceted wine developing beautifully.”

Indeed, plus it is amazingly rich both on the nose and the palate, and because of the dried fruits and the richness it gives the impression of sweetness even though it is dry (4.7 g/l residual sugar). The current vintage is 2016.

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beres tokaj naparany white dry blend wine

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