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Traminer is a grape variety with quite obscure origin: it might have originated in France or Germany, it might be named after the town of Tramin in South Tirol, Alto Adige, but there are other hypotheses as well. In France it is known as Savagnin Blanc (not to confuse with Sauvignon Blanc), in Bulgaria it has the funny name of Mala Dinka, while in Hungary it called Tramini. Gewürztraminer is a close relative, but they are not identical. Tramini is Early budding and ripening. Generally pruned long. Small, sometimes very small, bunches and berries.

Thick skins give it good resistance to fungal diseases, especially to botrytis bunch rot. Berries can achieve high sugar concentration while retaining good levels of acidity.” (Excerpt From: Robinson, Jancis; Harding, Julia; Vouillamoz, Jose: Wine Grapes). Its nose is reminiscent of rose petals, orange blossom, lemon zest with some spicy notes. Grapey aromas similar to that of Muscat, relatively high alcohol, many times moderate acidity.

The latest issue of VinCE Magazine features among its new releases a Csetvei Traminer 2019 from Mór wine region, which has given the Best Buy title as well, because it has received 16.10 scores (out of 20), and with this 4 star result it costs only 3000 HUF (8.5 euros) in retail. “Aromatic, Muscat like, medium intense nose with lychee and other tropical fruits. Full bodied, nicely fills the mouth. Dry wine with medium acidity and abundant in lovely exotic fruits” – says the panel of VinCE Magazine.

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