Fehérvári Tramini Reserve 2022 Somló Hungary

A stunning Traminer from Somló

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An outstanding Traminer from Alsace is not a surprise, while in Hungary most Tramini wines are pleasant everyday drinks. However, the unique, volcanic wine region of Somló mountain can give special Traminer wines, as Fehérvári Reserve Tramini 2022 proves. The wine has received amazingly high scores (16.20 / 20) at the latest issue of Vince Hungarian print wine magazine.

A “flavour-journey”

Fehérvári Estate recommends the wine “for those who like gastronomic specialties. The scent of Tramini Reserve is intense, rich and varietal. Each sip is a real flavour-journey, as the rose oil and rich aromas go down a perfect dance with the classic minerality of Somló lurking in the background. The aging in wooden barrels awakens the soul of the wine, at the same time giving it a sophisticated softness, which only makes the overall effect even more spicy.”

Vince magazine panel’s description:

“Medium deep lemon colour. Intense, perfumy, spicy nose with Muscat-like aromas. Great balance, creamy texture, livelyacidity. Flavourful, juicy wine with medium length abundant in Muscat-like notes and tropical fruits.”

More about Fehérvári Estate

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Fehérvári Wine Estate, Somló, Hungary
Fehérvári Wine Estate, Somló, Hungary

What is Tramini like?

Traminer (in Hungarian Tramini) is one of the oldest grape varieties, it is believed to be cultivated by the Romans. Traminer was named after the South Tyrolean town of Tramin in Austria.

Like Muscat, it is an aromatic grape with notes of the fresh, ripened table grape, honey, rose petals. It is a special variety for highly ripe bouquet wines. Very demanding in terms of soil and location and particularly sensitive during flowering. This results in low yields, but grapes with a high sugar content.
The most famous Traminer wines come from Alsace and Austria, but Hungary has a significant Tramini production as well. With nearly 750 hectares Tramini is the 10th most planted white grape in Hungary, cultivated mainly in Pannonhalma, Mátra, Eger, Mór and Somló.

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