Garamvári Lajver Heimann merlot

Best value Merlot of Hungary according to customers

Garamvári Merlot for only 3 euros

The Hungarian Price–Value Research Association tastes or tries everything and report the experiences to the readers – to help them find the best value products. At a recent Merlot panel tasting they tasted 16 Hungarian Merlot wines available ordinary retail stores, the price range was between 3–9 euros (1000–2999 HUF). The tasters are not wine experts, all the 11 participants are members of the Hungarian Price–Value Research Association. They tasted from the aspect of the average wine drinker, but the circumstances of the tasting were professional (proper glasses, clean room with fresh air, spittons).

The 6 best wines:

  1. Garamvári Merlot 2017, Balatonlelle, South Balaton, 1199 HUF, points: 8.4 / 10
  2. Heimann Merlot 2018, Szekszárd, 2299 HUF, points: 8 / 10
  3. Schieber Karma Merkot 2016, Szekszárd, 1599 HUF, points: 7.9 / 10
  4. Gere & Schubert Merlot 2018, Villány, 1999 HUF, points: 7.8 / 10
  5. Csányi Chateau teleki Merlot 2015, Villány, 2619 HUF, points: 7.8 / 10
  6. Lajver Merlot 2018, Szekszárd, 1399 HUF, points: 7.8 / 10

See the full list of wines (in Hungarian)

Garamvári Merlot: The price–value champion

The wine costs only 1199 HUF in retail (approximately 3.2 euros today). The sunny slopes south of Lake Balaton are ideal for growing Merlot, the fruit ripens fully, and gives smooth, velvety, fruity wine. According to the tasters: “The nose reveals sour cherry, black grape, redcurrant and blackberry. Medium acidity, soft, velvety texture. The palate opens with red berry fruits followed by intense pomegranate flavours.”

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