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Best value Taschner Cabernet Sauvignon

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“Picante nose, rich in spices, great complexity. A wine abundant in black currant and oaky, toasty notes. Firm texture, full body and long aftertaste reminiscent of fruits.” The review comes from the latest issue of VinCE Magazine, new releases section. Taschner Cabernet Sauvignon 2019 received 16.70 points, and with this result is the second best wine tasted this month, and the best wine compared to the price – it costs 6000 HUF in retail (16 euros).

Taschner Cabernet has already won a gold medal at Berliner Wine Trophy, and its march of accolades will surely continue.

Kurt István Taschner commented the gold medal with his usual humour: “Winning gold at an international competition? It never happened to me. Well, it. is true that I haven’t submitted samples for contests so far…”

The modest, hard working winemaker has a special bond with his vineyards in Sopron wine region. He enjoys being there early in the morning, and the beauty of nature captures him again and again – it is enough to check his Facebook page, which is full of wonderful photos.

Congratulations, dear Kurt and keep on great work!

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