Csetvei cheese Valentine Mór

Cheese “bonbons” for a change

Valentine’s Pack by Csetvei Cellar

Krisztina Csetvei winemaker in Mór teamed with craft cheese maker Krisztina Bráyerné Bede (Piszke cheese manufacture) and created a lovely gift pack for those, who are not keen on chocolate. The packs are available in very limited quantity, thus if you are interested, order one today! Shipping is possible only within Hungary, two versions are available:
– 3 cheese bonbons + Csetvei Kő-Papír-Olló Olaszrizling = 6500 HUF
– 5 cheese bonbons + Csetvei Ezerjó (barrel aged) = 8500 HUF
Courrier (within Hungary): 2000 HUF
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Cover photo: Örs Máté

Aiming for balance

VinoGrapHungary is an Instagram page with peculiar photos of winemakers and wine drinkers. The setting is always different, but something is always flying, bouncing, falling, flowing or splashing in the photos. One of the latest photos feature Krisztina Csetvei in her cellar, commenting that “it is not easy to achieve balance, but I always aim to do so”.

On the pursuit of balance, Krisztina likes experimenting, and both of the above mentioned wines prove her experimental spirit.

Kő–Papír–Olló (Rock–Paper–Scissors) is a family of wines made of Olaszrizling grape, aged in different vessel. Currently Papír (Paper) is available from 2017, a reductive wine with three years of bottle ageing. Creamy and lovely.

The other wine is made of Ezerjó, the iconic indigenous grape variety of Mór wine region, and Krisztina again uses different ageing methods (even amphora). The wine offered in the gift pack was fermented and aged in barrel. “Nutty, floral, peachy, citrusy, spicy and gently mineral. Zesty and vibrant.”

Photo below: @vinographungary@davidbalogh_photo 

More about Csetvei Cellar

Csetvei wines are available in several countries:

Italy (Vino Ungherese), Poland (Lutomski Vino), Slovakia (VinoBro Weisz), Switzerland (Boár Wines ), USA (Rooted Selections)

Csetvei Cellar balance bottles

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