Jammertal Ars Poetica Pinot Noir 2017 Villány Hungary

Christmas wine: Jammertal Ars Poetica Pinot Noir 2017

We recommend an exciting wine every day until Christmas to help you find the ideal ones as a present or for the Christmas table. All of the recommended wines are of great quality, have a story and available in several countries. We will explain what the wine is made of and how, why do we suggest it and where you can buy for how much. Our first wine is Jammertal Ars Poetica Pinot Noir 2017 from Villány.

100% Pinot Noir – a variety rare to find in the southernmost wine region of Hungary. It needs extra attention and should be planted carefully to avoid the extra heat and the record amount of sunny hours.

50% of the wine matured in 500L, medium toast, second use French oak, while 50% aged in stainless steel. Oak ageing took 12–15 months.

We managed to taste it recently and we can recommend this elegant, balanced, exciting wine from the bottom of our heart. “The nose opens with dark chocolate, dried sour cherry and sweet spices – like clove. The palate continues with similar tones: the wine is fiery and its complexity fills our mouth. After some aeration a touch of cardamom is added to the aromas, which goes on in the flavours with some pronounced blackberry notes. Medium acidity in perfect balance with its alcohol integrated into the texture. The aftertaste is dominated by some subtle chocolate notes.”

What to pair with
Ideal with duck and goose plates, dishes with mushroom and red fruit sauce.

– If you stay in Hungary, Jammertal webshop is the best idea (the webshop is in Hungarian)
– You can also find some Jammertal wines in Switzerland on Hundert Weinhauss webshop.

How much
– On Jammertal webshop it costs 15 000 HUF / bottle (about 36 euro)
– On Hundert Weinhauss webshop the Pinot is unfortunately not available, but several Jammertal wines are from 27 to 75 Swiss franks.

More about Jammertal on Hungarianwines.eu
Jammertal official website

Zsófia Kövesdi, chieaf winemaker of Jammertal Wine Estate

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