Comprehensive Tokaj tasting in Budapest

14 March – the day before Hungary commemorates the Revolution and Fight for Liberty in 1848–49 – will see an event dedicated to our national treasure. Wines of Tokaj are magnificent due to the unique terroir and the centuries of winemaking tradition. Tokaji Aszú, the noble sweet wine made of botrytised berries is the most wellknown, but several other styles exist, the latest one is the so called Tokaj Dry, which is usually 100% Furmint vinified bone dry. The venue is the 5 star glamorous Hotel Corinthia Budapest – well suited for the topic. Tokaji Aszú wines will be displayed in a separate hall, and altogether around 60 wineries will exhibit, just some to mention: Barta Cellar (Mád), Préselő Winery (Erdőbénye), Royal Tokaji (Mád), Zsirai Winery (Mád). Barta Cellar is one of the top estates of Tokaj with rather high prices, and corresponding stunning wines. (Their Furmint by Tamlyn Currin was simply described: OMG!) Barta Tokaji Aszú 6 puttonyos is pure pleasure with a massive 246 g/l residual sugar, still refreshing due to its 7.2 g acidity.

Early bird tickets are on sale (7900 HUF = 24 euros, while on the spot 11 900 HUF = 36 euros)

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