‘Crazy good’ wine made of Nero

Néró is a grape variety selected in Hungary in 1965 by two oenologists, József Csizmazia and László Beleznai. The name refers to the deep colour of the berry, but also the crazy Roman Emperor. The grape is resistant, therefore chemical spraying is not needed. Another advantage of Néro is that it produces an excessed amount of antioxidant which is rescued in the wine, thus its wine is healthier then wines made of most of the other varieties (Sagrantino in Italy can boast with immense amount of antioxidant as well). Despite the positive characteristics, the grape Néró is still not very popular, probably because it was categorized as a species of grape to eat (but it is legally used for making wine, the only restriction is that it should not be labelled as PDO – Protected Designation of Origin – wine, but PGI – Protected Geographical Indication wine).


However, a few producers believe in the potential of the grape, one of them is János Eszterbauer in Szekszárd wine region. Eszterbauer bottled his new vintage rose at the end of October. The name of the wine – like all the others of the family winery – was inspired by real characters of the ancestors of János Eszterbauer. ‘Napszámos’ the name of Néró rosé is literally day laborer, and it stands for a concrete day laborer who worked for János Eszterbauer’s grandfather.

Napszámos rose was kept on the skin for a very short time to achieve a light pink colour. The wine is crispy, easy to drink and full of fruity flavours.

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