Matthew Goss and Daniel Satola Credo Imports in Hungary

Credo Imports launches Vylyan, Lajver and Feind wines in the USA

Pennsylvania & New York – be prepared for some new experiences!

Credo Imports was founded in 2019 as a wine and spirits variety sourcing agent, working exclusively with multi-generational, family-owned wineries. We focus on expanding the reach of these wineries to the U.S. market without sacrificing their established traditions, practices, and heritage.


Matthew Goss, co-owner of Credo Imports contacted two years ago. Back then they were importing German wines with some decent success stories, but several distributors advised them to increase their portfolio with wines of other nations to make it more attractive. At this moment Matt was not convinced that this country should be Hungary, but after some discussions he became more interested. Then in 2022 we invited him to the Hungarian Wine Summit event, in which he participated happily with Daniel Satola, his business partner. They were tasting industriously, they fell in love with many wines, but the hardest part came only after: to convey the stories, the messages, their passion to the distributors. And they have done the job well! The first 3 wines of the Hungarian wineries have just been launched in two states of the United States of America. Congratulations, gentlemen!
Below you can read Matthew Goss’s answers to our questions.
The photos illustrating this article were taken in Hungary during Hungarian Wine Summit.

Matthew Goss
Matthew Goss tasting at Hungarian Wine Summit welcome dinner

Impressed and surprised with the quality, diversity and pricing

In which states and through what kind of channels will you sell the wines?
– In Pennsylvania (state controlled, luxury tier, ~105 stores) and in New York (through one of the largest distributors in the state, stores, restaurants, casinos). In more details: Lajver Incognito Kékfrankos will be sold in New York in about 40 retail locations and 105 in Pennsylvania. Macska from Vylyan and Play ROSÉ from Feind, only in Pennsylvania, in about 105 locations.

– Why did you choose the wines you chose?
– We sampled dozens of wines, based initially on personal interest and market trends, but then whittled these down based on impression, price and available volume. Finally we had various experts in the US taste them and passed a smaller group onto those responsible for buying luxury wines for Central Europe for the PLCB (Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board) and the group in western NY. They made the final selection, but with input from Dan and I.

– What do you plan to do to promote the wines (any tastings or other activities)?
– We plan to do in-person tastings and promotion in various luxury stores for Pennsylvania and are arranging a series of product lectures (highlighting the various regions, producers, families, grapes and including tastings) with the western New York sales team, as well as promotions and tastings in regional stores, shops and casinos.

– Surely you have already presented the wines to some experts (distributors, etc). What are the reactions?
– Largely, they are impressed and surprised with the quality, diversity and pricing of the wines. Most are in agreement that Hungary represents an emerging market.

– What are you expectations?
– We are expecting this to be just the beginning! We have over a dozen producers with several wines each we would love to find homes for in the US. We are hoping to introduce a whole new group of casual wine drinkers to Hungarian wine, and are happy to play the role of informal ambassadors of what Hungary can do.

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Matthew Goss and Daniel Satola at Hungarian Wine Summit

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