Credo Imports US with Lajver, Feind and Vylyan wines from Hungary

Dr. Elisabeth Smith wine writer about 3 wines of Credo Imports

Thanks, US friends for tasting Hungarian wines!

We – – are proud to have a role in:
A, Credo Imports finding Hungarian wines to ship to the US and
B, bringing Elizabeth Smith to Hungary for the first time.

It is just amazing to see the fruit of our work – these two have found each other (with our help again) and this morning thousands of winelovers in the US received a newsletter with Elizabeth’s article describing the three newly imported wines (Wine Bulletin and Elizabeth Smith newsletters).

Elizabeth Smith about Credo Imports:

»“Bringing something unique to the table” – and their focus is family-owned wineries and underrated wines from regions like Hungary. Three of their latest imports spotlight the diversity and remarkable value of today’s Hungarian wines from wineries that are pushing the boundaries of traditional winemaking.«

Read Elizabeth’s article HERE about Lajver, Feind and Vylyan wines

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Credo Imports launches Vylyan, Lajver and Feind wines in the USA

Elizabeth Smith in Villány, Hungary

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