Babarczi wine tap system

Drink wine from the tap and save the Earth!

Babarczi Vineyard and Winery is one of the wine estates, who distributes a handy machine for wine bars and cafés. Better value for the guests, less carbon footprint for the Earth.

“Fröccs” aka “Spricz” season is on!

We love adding some soda water to our wine especially when the weather is getting hot. It is called Fröccs – hard to pronounce for foreigners. Carbon dioxide added water is a Hungarian invention by Ányos Jedlik, therefore wine with bubbly water is part of our national identity. Adding soda water to our wines does not desecrate it, but certainly we do not make fröccs out of flagship wines. On the other part a good “fröccs” needs decent base wine. Babarczi Vineyard and Winery makes superb, fresh, juicy reductive white wines and rosé, and now they are available in bag-in-box as well.

Run a wine bar? Install wine tap free!

The company, who wholesales the wine tap system cooperates with several wineries, so that wine bar managers can order the wines and the machine from one place. There is a small installation fee (12.00 HUF = 33 euros), but the monthly rent costs nothing. If a soda machine is needed adjacent the tap system, the installation is free and it has a monthly fee of 7000 HUF (20 euros).

As for the wines: Babarczi Kékfrankos Rosé is ideal for a “fröccs” in May: delicious, juicy with plenty of red berry fruits, ultimately refreshing. For white wine lovers Babarczi Irsai Olivér is a great example of the variety, aromatic, grapey, but without any excess perfume.

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