Eger winemakers unite to help feed medical staff

Eger Wine Workshop, an association of renowned winemakers of Eger has donated 1552 bottles of wine to collect funds to finance meals for people working in hospitals, National Health Service institutions, emergency rooms and other medical units. Eger Lions Club is coordinating the project. “Long working hours, endless shifts – health professionals might not be able to leave their workplace for days or even weeks. We try to help them with meals, so that they can concentrate on their jobs.” Anyone can participate by buying a bottle of the 1552 for at least 2000 HUF. Certainly donations are welcome. Restaurants of Eger (Falánk Fanny, Fúzió, Macok and Senator House) will cook and deliver the meals. Members of Eger Wine Workshop: Bolyki Vineyard, Eszterházy Károly University, Gál Tibor Winery, Juhász Brothers Winery, Ostoros Family Winery, Petrény Winery, St. Andrea Vineyard, Thummerer Vineyard and Winery, Tóth Ferenc Winery. And why 1552 bottles? 1552 is a symbolic date in the history of Eger, since it was the year of the famous siege of Eger, the topic of Géza Gárdonyi’s famous novel.
More information and the available wines (in Hungarian, if you want to donate and need help in translation, write to us).

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