Eszterbauer: moderately open cellars at Pentecost weekend

Szekszárd wine region family winery, Eszterbauer has tried its best to survive lockdown: online tastings, free delivery within the country and precautions in the vinification plant. Now Hungary seems to overcome the epidemic, therefore public places are open again, including wineries. If you are an expat in Hungary, or lucky enough to travel as a businessman from the 6 countries allowed (Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Poland and South Korea), you can enjoy the traditional winery visits on the long weekend. Open Cellars at Pentecost is an old tradition in Hungary, the main point is that visitors do not need appointment, they can just pop in their favourite cellar. This year the situation is different, thus the Eszterbauers ask visitors to write an email in advance, so that they can controll the number of guests at the same time. All current vintage Eszterbauer wines will be available by the glass, and hot meal will also be served: a local dish of potato, sausage and ‘nokedli’ (a kind of noodles) a la Tolna style, cooked in a cauldron-like bowl on open fire (in ‘bogrács’). The winery awaits visitors both on Saturday and Sunday (29th and 30th May) from 11.00 to 18.00. Guests are asked to email the time of arrival, the number of persons and the number of dishes they order. (Photo: Furmint Foto)

Eszterbauer’s latest international acknowledgement is a gold medal for Tivald Cabernet Sauvignon at Berliner Wine Trophy.

Email to the winery in advance

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