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According to Zoltán Németi wine blogger on screwcapped.com Sauska Rosé 2019 from Villány is one of the best Hungarian rosé wines. “Poised, elegant, not a hair out of place. Crisp and refreshing, but acidity is integrated. There is some structure to it, well judged firmness that gives some length and seriousness without sacrificing lightness and drinkability. So enjoyable. A complete wine.” As for its value for 6-7 euros, he simply says: fantastic value, buy, buy, buy. We can only agree with him, and the same is true for the winery’s bottle fermented Sauska Rosé Brut from Tokaj region. The blend is made of Furmint, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Hárslevelű, and due to this unique combination of grape varieties the palate is exciting, refreshing and above all playful. The 9 grams sugar makes it a charming, easy to enjoy sparkling, and since it spent 15 months on the lees, there is no lack of integrated, fine bubbles. A sparkling wine full of zest, one that gives you impetus – which is finely expressed in this photo. So why not paint it pink with Sauska? If you happen to stay in Budapest, you can enjoy the blessing of express delivery by Bortársaság wine store.

Sauska wines from Bortársaság

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